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We understand the fact that when contractors are just starting out, and they may only have one employee or subcontractor, it may seem as if it is not worth paying an expensive payroll service. At the same time, they know their employees have to be paid.  And the employees want to be on record as a working individual, paying taxes, and receiving pay stubs.

We understand the urgency of paying your employees and Subcontractors on-time. Yet, questioning the necessity of investing in the software or contractual payroll services. We provide monthly payroll and project support services that fit the needs of the contractor and small business owners, whether your project lasts one week or one year.

Basic Calculations

Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly and monthly pay cycle calculations of labor and deductions ONLY. This service will start at $50 a month, and $45 a month when paid in advance. This starting price is for 1 to 10 employees.

Payroll and Support

Basic calculations and personalized assistance with projects. (Example: completing payroll reporting forms, document creation). The starting price for this service is $50 a month for 1 to 10 employees and will vary dependent upon specific needs and materials.