Other Services

YAS has added more services to better provide for various other small business owners. Please see the information below, and know that there will be more to come.

General Transcription

We provide quality transcription services for various industries. That is currently general transcription only. Turn your audio files into text. Get accurate transcripts of meetings, sermons, interviews, videos and more.

Office Cleaning

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. We provide office cleaning services that will match the highest of standards.

Office Organization

We will organize, sort and setup a functional system to run your daily operations smoothly.  This service may also come with file system setup for those just starting their journey to small business ownership.

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

The moving process can be exhausting. We will take some of the work off of your hands by doing the initial cleaning of your new abode, or the final move-out cleaning as you move to the next chapter of your journey.

Coming Soon

As stated, we at YAS strive to be a contributing resource in the community for our local small business owners, entrepreneurs, contractors, artists and all others looking to make a positive impact. Our list of services will continue to grow, which will include employee transport, copy services, mail room operations and more. Please stay connected to see how we can be of service to you. If not now, in a prosperous future.